All sample packs are in 16bit/44khz.

The reason behind that is compatibility – they will work on all Software/Hardware Sampler.

the noise pack: 10 samples made out of noise, hiss, grittiness, over-saturation and crazy filtering. It´s perfect for glitch, noise, lo-fi, ambient and trip hop.

Korg microKORG – Waveforms: Finally! I sampled all Waveforms to use it in your oldschool sampler or DAW. Combine them like the microKORG, detune and layer them together, filter the sh*t out of them.

Yamaha RX 11: the legendary 80´s drum machine. It´s perfect for synthwave, 80´s style tracks, early House etc.

Yamaha RX 11 on steroids: ready to use for the dark side: industrial, dark electro, downtempo. Tape Saturation to the max on the drums, little bit of reverb on the cymbals.

AKAI Rhythm Wolf: One of the most hatred drum machine ever made. I think most people thought that it would be like a „cheap 808“. What it really is: Analog, noisy, gritty and with a dark soul. It´s perfect for downtempo, industrial and to add texture/flavor.

AKAI Rhythm Wolf on steroids: It was hard to choose the right amount of extra juice on this one. It´s an analog drum machine that generate the snare, percussion and cymbals with noise – so if i take too much the mix would be mudded and if i take too less the bounce would be lost. So if you want to go to the next level add a little more overdrive/saturation.