This is the right side for all the synth-nerds. I will release some of my pattern and templates for different kind of gear like the Korg Electribe 2, the microKORG and some free software synthesizer.

*** Attention: I just started with saving and gifting my templates, so it will be      much more in the future 🙂 ***

Electribe 2 pattern – they work maybe with the sampler, too. Single patterns are on slot 250, so that your own pattern may be secured. 


empty pattern:  This resets all the pattern on the electribe 2 and makes it easier to start from scratch. No more scrolling and resetting thru all the factory presets.

empty pattern 4 sampler: This is the version for the electribe 2 sampler. The other versions could be working, too  – but if you don´t want to experiment choose this version.

808 ready to groove: All waveforms coming from the almighty 808 are already setup and ready to go. There is also a slightly panning and effects in the mix and a little tune on the cowbell pad.

909 loaded and ready to rock: Almost all 909 waveforms are ready to go, the tempo is set and a two pattern demo mode is there, too.

Rock drumkit with a lot of cymbals and cowbells: It comes with a 4-bar pattern to jam along with your bass, guitar or anything that makes noise.

TAL U-NO62 Presets: Single Presets for the classic Roland Juno 60 Software-Synthesizer. There will be a full presetbank in the future, too.



Strange-arP-Wheel. Inspired by the almighty 80´s and a new tv-series.
the filter is controlled with the pitch wheel..

P-WheelDrone. A slowly progressing drone which is controlled over the pitch wheel. It´s perfect for some atmosphere.