**2017/11/03: long time no see! 🙂 I was not inactive, just the opposite. I met new people that are making indie games and soundtracks, i was in art exhibitions to get some new inspiration and of course – i worked on my upcoming EP and new stuff for the homepage.
The first result is finally here: The new category pattern/templates! It´s all about new patches, presets, templates and pattern for hardware synthesizer like the microkorg, the electribe 2 and many software plugins. Back then i often throw away the sounds i made for new songs – that days are finally gone. For now on i will put them for free here on my page. But don´t forget to change the sound of the presets,and of course – make some of your own from scratch. That´s the only way to learn how synthesis works.

**2017/09/27: the first sample pack from the microKORG is completed and ready to download. I sampled the complete waveforms out of it. They sound simple and clean – so they are perfect to mix together and have some fun with filters and lfo´s. Enjoy!

**2017/09/11: the microKORG is here. I already made some sounds with it and studied how to program it. I will make new patches and sample packs soon, so stay tuned!  *_*

**2017/09/01: there is a KORG microkorg on the way. I can´t wait for it – and yes, there will be new sample packs.

**2017/08/22: i add 2 new sample packs today: the Akai Rhythm Wolf. **

** 2017/08/19: my new, old homepage started today. **